Hint, Tips & Link

I wouldn’t claim to have all the answers, who does? but I find it useful to plan & prepare as much as I can. I’ll keep adding to this page but here are some hints & tips to get you started – I hope you find them half as useful as I have.

In Business

Be the best you – part of my philosophy of life – as Keith Cunningham say hell on earth would be to meet the man / woman you could have been. I fully intend to live my life as that person!

What’s the pain in the market? Step 1 – find out what they want, Step 2 – go and get it, step 3 – give it to them! You can’t go wrong!

What don’t I see? Another Keith Cunningham snippet – always look for the thing you can’t see – what are you missing? What could happen? What could go wrong? Expect the unexpected.

Know when to get in expert help – either when running a business or doing your own DIY. There are some things it makes sense for you to do yourself – there are other things you’d be crazy to attempt. It’s the same in business – know your limits and weaknesses and get someone to help who has your weakness as their strength.

When recruiting, don’t go for people who are like you – whilst they’ll be the most attractive candidates to you when you’re interviewing, but it’s important to have a variety of styles and personality traits.


Preparation is key – in any trade, make sure you have all the tools and materials you need, that you’ve protected the surround areas, that you have sufficient space and light to work, and that you do task methodically and well. Anyone can paint a room – a good decorator will take 80% of the time on the preparation of the walls – sugar soap, fill cracks and holes, sand down thoroughly, key woodwork, apply solution to knots in wood – and only when all of that is done to perfection, does a paint brush get wet.