Green Is Good

My feelings on the environment stem from my beliefs about life and the Universe. Let me start by saying a much better way to describe the environment that suddenly makes you think and feel very different about it, is to call it home. Not only is that powerful, but it’s absolutely true – and it is dreadful the things we have allowed to happen to our home. We need to take immediate, massive action, if we want to keep living here the way that we do – we are murdering Mother Earth and she’s not going to put up with it much longer. I believe there needs to be a greater shift in consciousness to achieve this – and that starts with each and every individual doing their bit.

At home and work we recycle whatever we can, we use resources conservatively and we select suppliers who share our philosophy. We use as few cars and vans as possible, travelling on public transport wherever possible. Where we have to drive, we take a small smart car that won’t harm the environment as much as a big car or van. In addition to this, we’ve implemented a recycling policy for out entire office block – where none existed before (can you believe that? In 2008?!). We use recycled cartridges for our printers, recycled paper in our printers, and operate paperlessly wherever possible. We source and supply timber from renewable sources, we offset carbon emissions whenever we fly. We have also developed many green offerings that we can pass on to our customers at A Woman’s Touch – environmentally friendly paints, timber, insulation and so on, and heating and hot water alternatives that don’t’ rely on fossil fuels such as ground source heat pumps, exhaust air systems, and solar power – these are all little, simple things – and if everyone did them, the world would be a different place. Of course I’m not naïve enough to think this alone would be enough – and I agree the governments need to take responsibility for some of the bigger scale factors – but let’s not use that as an excuse – we elect the governments – so that means we’re responsible – each and every one of us individually – and blaming someone else and saying we have no power to do anything about it, is untrue and unhelpful. So let’s crack on and do some DIY to our home.