Fun Stuff

There aren’t many places you can work as diverse as A Woman’s Touch – our Christmas parties are hilarious and often people are bemused by the odd collection of people that we are – from a 16 year old school leaver from Essex with no qualifications who sounds like Vicky Pollard, to a plumber with a PHD, and a 65 year old lady with an accent like the Queen – and pretty much everything in-between of what ever colour, creed, sexual preference or educational background you can think of. I love what I do!

I am divorced and I currently live in Elviria on the Hampshire. I have a gorgeous dog called Ruben (a Westie) who was named after Ruben Gonzalez – a white haired Cuban jazz pianist who has now sadly left this world.

I started diving in 2000 – I was in the very lucky position of earning great money at the time, so I was able to go away several times a year, normally to the Red Sea. I trained on the PADI scheme, and went all the way to Divemaster, which means I can teach some courses and assist instructors on others. I absolutely adore diving.

My best friend in the world is Jane – we met on the first day at University in Leeds, she was also studying Spanish (with French, rather than Business Studies like me) and we lived on the same floor of Charles Morris Hall of Residence. We’ve had some amazing times together, sausage parties in the first year, trips to Spain allegedly to improve our Spanish, girly holidays to Turkey and Mallorca – and many more that I daren’t share here. Jane is in fact the friend who got me and Neil together in the first place – and I’m delighted to say that I was able to offer her the same service by match making her with my then flat mate, Jesper the Dane! They got married a couple of years ago now, and have set up home in the US – first Boston and now Atlanta. I miss her a lot, but Skype is a wonderful thing, and I’ve been to visit several times already and am going again later this year. Jane is one of those amazing souls – she always has time to listen, to help, to encourage and to support – if I’m half as good a friend as she is, I am delighted.

I love music – and am an ardent attendee at Glastonbury. However, by coincidence (and remember I said there was no such thing!) I only ever seem to go on a year where there is a torrential downpour and severe flooding. In 2005 for example, there was the biggest thunder storm I have ever yet encountered – I was extremely fortunate compared to many people, as I had camped on a hill, so I didn’t have 2 feet of water inside the tent like many others at the bottom of the hill – however sadly the tent wasn’t waterproof, and so everything got soaked – including every single item of clothing that I wasn’t wearing. It certainly made for some interesting outfits as I plodded around the next 2 days in pyjamas and wellies. Unsurprisingly no-one turned a blind eye! The same year I’d had an unfortunate incident with my tent – in the fury of last minute packing I’d put in my 3 man tent, with the poles from my 2 man tent – so when I erected it, it looked like some kind of upturned plate and was about 1ft off the ground so that I had to worm my way in on my back! I guess this didn’t help its water repelling integrity! Hey ho, all good fun! I do go to lots of other gigs besides Glastonbury – and in the past couple of years have seen REM, Flaming Lips, Radiohead, the ones who sing 22 grand job, the ones who sing Chelsea dagger and many more (that’s me all over – I like them, I can sing the songs, but I often have no idea what the song is called, what the album is called, and often what the band is called!). I’m the same with films I’m afraid – I can never remember titles – so it’s always a lovely surprise to get a film out and find out I’ve already seen it!!

I have a really lovely family – I’m so lucky – I have an older brother called Sean, who’s married to Alie, and they have three wonderful children, Josh, Bella and Annie. This means that I can get my baby fix whenever I need to, without the need to have my own family (just yet)! Who knows, maybe one day in the not too distant future…