Man: Spirituality and Final Destination

Man was created as a creature that he said is unique. The uniqueness of man lies in two important aspects that exist in man and need to be understood both. He is created from the physical body and the spiritual. The physical body consists of material and material tendencies as well.

From this side, the biological of man depends heavily on material things. It requires clothing, food and boards (primary needs), and even other secondary needs. While the human soul comes from a holy spirit with a spiritual tendency as well. From this side, man relies heavily on things that are spiritual, he needs calm, serenity, dependence on the Absolute, even unity with Him.

The spiritual dependence of humankind as the culmination of happiness leads to a variety of human diversity to achieve a final destination in its spiritual journey, and it leads them into an area termed the system, curriculum or method that a salik (spiritual walker) must follow as a means of learning the wise and orderly in order to enhance the dignity of his spirituality.

The potential of human contemplation in understanding the physical and spiritual epistemic
The uniqueness of this human also lies in its potential and ability to reflect and think about everything widely, unlimited and very deep. The contemplation is unbalanced (cosmos), God (theos), and can even question himself, who, how, for what, where, and where he lives.

From one aspect of the matter of contemplation and human thinking about himself is what and how is the human nature? Is the nature of man lies in physical life? Or on a spiritual life? For that matter there are at least two parts to be answered.

There are people who tend to solve this problem with the grounds and arguments that are considered realistic, visible, palpable, seen, heard by the senses. The answer of this person is certainly more emphasized on the physical aspect, so that the nature of human life is regarded or viewed as a material world life (tend to secular). This answer is usually held and carried out by materialistic people.
Some people try to solve the problem with a more philosophical basis and argument, not seeing things that are only visible, but more likely to see people from the spiritual side. This means that physical life is considered a shell, the outer skin is often deceptive, and does not display the nature of its truth. Because the true nature of human life lies in the life of the sphere of spirituality (spiritual). This is the answer of the intellectuals who uphold the status of martyrdom.
The nature that dominates, determines the ultimate goal
If the motivation of life and human life is dominated by the potential sentimental (evil), then human life lapsed into the abyss of dirty life, which is an imperialist outbreak of. On the contrary, if the motivation of his life is dominated, controlled, directed by the potential of his obedience, he will arrive at a holy life and a life believed to be the ultimate goal, the spiritual life of spiritual hunters who have reached the degree of silence or the position of a quiet soul, with elements of the Most Authorized.

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